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The JOY Dare [Jan. and Feb.]

[Counting] 1000 Gifts in 2012

April 17,

322. Tears sparkling in the corners of her eyes after I said “Amen.”

323. The way the green is creeping up the mountainside

324. Standing side by side in the kitchen preparing food with the mother and sister

[Counting] 1000 Gifts in 2012

April 15,

316. The freshness of a new morning

317. Long walks through abandoned roads and tunnels and scrumptious Mexican Chicken Tortilla soup

318. Eating supper at the picnic table and playing games as a family

[Counting] 1000 Gifts in 2012

April 11,

304. Polka dots and stripes = mild pattern mixing

305. Breaking out the boots for this chilly day

306. Sitting around with the sisters, planning

[Counting] 1000 Gifts in 2012

April 8,

295. Silver sandals, white dresses, and joyous Easter hymns of praise

296. Two hours of kickball = giving time [i.e. spelling love] to kiddos

297. Hearing him say, “You’re still Daddy’s little girl.”

[Gifts #278-280] 

The JOY Dare: 1000 Gifts in 2012

April 2,

278. Hearing the creek rippling by, exuberant birdsong, seeing the bees buzzing about, a hawk soaring overhead, new grass and leaves shooting forth…turning the world a new green, merry faces of dandelions tilted upward, cloudless skies of opulent blue, and making up praise songs as I strolled along

279. Being on the internet (after a whole month) and a fixed printer !!!

280. Soaking in beauty by viewing photography (i.e. catching up on Tumblr! *smile*)

February 27,

172. Birds chirping the promise of Spring outside my window

173. The music of David Nevue.

174. Steaming peppermint tea with honey

February 28,

175. Apple cider in the glass

176. Floral belt

177. Learning patience and remembering not to speak unkind words

January 29,

85. “Bride’s dress” concept

86. Spontaneous Starbucks stop

87. Singing crazy to stay awake while traveling home

January 30,

88. Testimony Booklet coming together

89. Adobe InDesign

90. Courageous

January 31,

91. Good-day feelings

92. Kids Club inspiration

93. Last day of the month *sad*

February 1,

94. When busy is good

95. Warm spring-like weather

96. Cheerful Vivaldi

February 2,

97. Sparrow trying to sit on my windowsill

98. Reading kind emailed words from a wise woman

99. Soaking in live choral music

February 3,

100. Asia photos bringing back memories

101. Talking to the sisters

102. Peanut butter M&M’s

February 4,

103. Family coming home

104. Laundry, freshly washed

105. Giggling and games with kiddos while babysitting

January 22,

64. Corners of Dad’s eyes crinkling

65. Baby Cullen’s soft cheek

66. Sky-beauty

January 23,

67. Handel’s Messiah

68. Anticipation for road-trip

69. Celtic Music and rainy days

January 24,

70. Text from Stacy thanking for gift-copy of One Thousand Gifts

71. March for Life time-lapse

72. His stooping down to me

January 25,

73. Birds chirping praise

74. Scripture on Grooveshark

75. Youngest brother’s blue, blue eyes

January 26,

76. Feeling like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Very bad, Day

77. Expectation of weekend

78. Scrumptious salad made by Jesslyn

January 27,

79. Road-trip with the younger brothers

80. “Take my picture!” and large grins in foggy Columbus

81. Seeing the oldest brother

January 28,

82. Girlfriends and good times

83. No butterflies

84. Falafels: Middle Eastern food