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Friday Feature 4.20.2012


This weeks Friday Feature is by 4096colours! I can’t help but imagine what conversation might be going on here. This Italian scene sparks imagination and holds the interest. Great capture, 4096colours!


A few other shots that caught my eye:

Foggy View by thephototarian

Fruit Stall in the Corner by colorfullife4

Erickson Building, Vancouver by rcwgrey

Friday Feature 4.13.2012

dangerous beauty …

Today’s Friday Feature is by Jules of justjulespictures. There’s something mysterious about this image that captivates me.

To most you, Jules needs no introduction. We know this lady is a vital part of the Tumblr photography community [in more ways than one]! :)

Thank you, Jules!

Friday Feature 4.6.2012

A foggy Morning in Riedenburg/Bavaria/Germany (Sept. - 2010)

Friday Feature is back! I was intrigued at first glance of this image by Rainer Steinke. “Mysteriously beautiful” is how I would describe it. It could almost look like a painting.

Thank you, Rainer, for sharing this captivating image with us!

Friday Feature 2.10.12

Another Classic | Belgium

It’s Friday Feature time here on The Thrifty Life for Me and this lovely image by Jane-Ta is the one I’ve chosen. Jane is one of the persons I’ve been following since nearly the beginning of my Tumblr and I’ve really enjoyed “looking through her lens.”

Another recent image from Jane that I can’t help linking to. Elderly couples are so adorable!

Last week I mentioned a few images that I would have liked to feature… I’m going to do that again this week. :)

Into the Sun by Jules

Today by Simon

I Want Summer Back by Rainer

Friday Feature 2.3.12

forever young ©william hacker

This image by williamhackerphoto simply blows me away. As soon as I saw it, I claimed it for the Friday Feature. I only found his blog today, thanks to Jules. I was so captivated by William’s work that I browsed through all ten pages of his blog. Do your Tumblr experience a favor and go follow him.


Until today, I didn’t realize that my Friday Feature idea would prove so difficult. There was a splendidly diverse array of images on my dash and I can’t help mentioning a few I particularly enjoyed. Think of it as an “honorable mention.” ;]

High Water by Brad Sloan

Blue and Gold by Nina Ly

PROVENZ by Rainer Steinke

A Gentleman by Marco

Thanks for all the inspiring images!

P.S. I won’t choose portraits every time. ;) I just couldn’t help featuring this one.

Friday Feature 1.27.12

India. Allaphuza. 2010. Photo © Rupert Conant

This week I have [belatedly] chosen an image by Rupert Conant.

There are several reasons I wanted to feature this wonderful image. First, the memories of India that come flooding back. Secondly, Rupert and I messaged each other and talked of the seeming lack of quality portraiture on Tumblr. Third, I appreciate the warmth of this image and the luminance of the subject’s eyes.

So… if you are not already following Rupert, fly over to his blog and engage in a long gazing session. I could feature him every week. His portraits are wonderful, and his other work is worth looking at as well. 

P.S. This counts as last week’s Friday Feature. Tomorrow I will post one for this week.

P.P.S. Know of any other portrait photographers on Tumblr? Please point me to them!

It’s the First Friday Feature 1.20.12 here on The Thrifty Life for Me!

I’ve chosen

morning traffic by Zeek

Perhaps you [dear viewer] think ants are insignificant and boring. But something, rather inexplicable, struck me about this image. I tend to adore tiny things. Ants are quite fascinating. In summer I lay on my stomach in the grass and watch them storing away food, going in and out of the nest. Ants are such busy creatures.

Great capture, Zeek!

I contrived an idea of selecting one photo per week to feature on Fridays. Not one of my images, but one of yours!

Something of a promotion for the wonderful people I follow. :) Also I attain the pleasure of a piece of their work on my humble blog. Naturally, I will always credit, making plain to the world that these featured photos are not my own. I will attempt to choose a photo posted earlier in the week to keep things fresh and current.

What say ye?



Edit: Thanks to everyone who responded to this post! I decided to move forward with the idea. :) The first Friday Feature has just been published! Check your dashes or my blog to see what I chose. :)